What is the GAGB?

Since the very earliest days of Geocaching in the UK it had been become more and more apparent that Geocaching in the United Kingdom needed to be represented by a body recognised by UK cachers and which could act honestly and independently on behalf of UK cachers. You can find out more about what the GAGB do below.

The founder members set out the aims and structure of the association, announced its creation on the major listings sites, and invited UK cachers to join. After a short period where people joined up and finishing touches to the aims were debated, elections were called and a committee voted in.

We would like to thank the seven founder members of the association:

  • Moss Trooper
  • Tim & June
  • Richard and Beth
  • El10t
  • Postie
  • The Wombles
  • Jeremy P.

What do the GAGB do?

Encourage good practice

GAGB labels

We field many phone calls and emails from folk who have issues or queries about geocaching. Quite often we can help resolve these - always calmly and aiming to reduce any annoyances or friction from ‘normal people’. We also liaise with the volunteer reviewers on geocache listing sites if necessary. We encourage every geocache owner to clearly mark their geocaches and we have a range of GAGB labels with our GAGB contact phone number to make this easy. Feel free to put our contact details on any geocache you hide! Take a look at our online store for all of our products. We have also reunited many geocaches and trackables with their owners!

Landowner Agreement Database

Through the Geocaching Landowner Agreement Database (GLAD), we record all permitted (and not permitted) locations and we work with landowners to encourage them to approve geocaching on their land, promote good practices and to minimise conflict (perhaps with neighbours). We have many permitted agreements - including with major UK landowners such as the National Trust, Forestry Commission, Woodland Trust and many councils too. We also get contacted by people who want to encourage visitors, and we help explain how they can do that (in a non-commercial manner) through geocaching.

Footpath sign

Media enquiries

Geocaching attracts attention from time to time - from bomb squad callouts in Yorkshire to family or fitness magazines wanting to check their facts. The GAGB are here to field these calls and make sure the media get the right answers, and ask the right questions. We can’t control what they write, but we can make sure they know what they should write!

‘Cache In Trash Out’ weekend

We all love the countryside and a clean environment - the GAGB helps us to keep it that way. For many years in September, we ‘give back’ to the community with our annual CITO weekend, where we host CITO events all over the UK and encourage everyone else to join in! It’s a fun day out too - and we all feel better for it when we see large mounds of bin bags or uprooted invasive weeds getting collected by the professionals. Find out more about CITO visit our CITO page.

GAGB CITO in 2012

Help and advice

Most often, we offer help to new geocachers, schools, community groups and Scouting/Girlguiding leaders. Visit the Contact Us page if you wish to get in touch; the committee are happy to help everyone, no matter their level of geocaching experience or the issue in concern. We've also got some help resources on this site that you may find useful, especially if you're new to the game - see the 'Finders' tab on the menu bar above.

Gilwell Reunion GAGB help

Geocaching community in the UK

The GAGB strives to be at the heart of the geocaching community in the UK. We organise events to keep in touch with cachers and encourage folk to participate in the GAGB. Our social media accounts help us to promote geocaching in the UK and interact with the community, whilst our forum and Facebook group are hubs for discussion. The GAGB committee are a group of volunteers that are elected annually. They are ordinary geocachers seeking to provide a voice for the wider geocaching community through forwarding geocaching in the UK as part of their role in the GAGB.

GAGB membership

Join GAGB GAGB Membership GAGB Membership

Support the GAGB: the GAGB is a member-led organisation. Become active, and join in for free. For information about membership and its benefits, please visit this page.

Check out the Meet the Committee page to meet the current GAGB Committee.

If you need any help just contact us - we're more than happy to help.