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Do you know of a website that you would like to recommend to UK geocachers? Or perhaps you own a website that you would like us to list? Please email the webmaster who can review the recommendation and add it to our list!


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GAGB Links

Join the GAGB - Register to join the GAGB and the forum to take advantage of member benefits.

The GAGB Forum - The GAGB Forum. All Geocachers are welcome to join and discuss!

GAGB Facebook Group - The GAGB Facebook Group. All Geocachers are welcome to join and discuss!

GAGB Facebook Page - Like the page to keep up to date with GAGB news on your timeline.

The GAGB Twitter Page - Come and follow us!

Seeker Magazine - The GAGB's e-magazine.

Geocache Listing Sites - The Official Groundspeak Geocaching site. Currently listing the most Geocaches.

Opencache UK - A completely open, free geocache listing site.

Terracaching - A geocache listing site encouraging quality not quantity.

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Other Outdoor Pursuits

Atlas Quest Letterboxing Community - A worldwide letterbox listing site.

Waymarking - A scavenger hunt where you catalog, mark and visit interesting and useful locations around the world.

Trigpointing UK - A database of OS Trigpoints around the UK. Visits can also be logged on this site.

Ordnance Survey Bench Marks - A database of OS benchmarks. Visits can also be logged on this site.

YOSM - Not strictly a cache listing site, however Ye Ole Survey Monuments was a special kind of Geocache listed on which visits Trig points. Unfortunately it is no longer possible to record visits to the YOSMs on the Ye Ole Survey Monuments (GC44CC) cache. Visits should now be made on the Ye Ole Survey Monuments Memorial Cache (GC76962). The YOSM website lists all of the places that it has visited that you can log it.

EarthCache - The Geological Society of America EarthCache website with EarthCache guidelines and tips on how to get involved.

Wherigo - Wherigo website to download Wherigo cartridges and learn about Wherigos.

Cache In Cache Out - Cache In Cache Out (CITO) webpage showing all the upcoming CITO events.

Cistes - Very similar to geocaches. Click here to view those hidden in the UK (There are several hundred).

Munzees - Discoverable QR codes hidden around the world.

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Project-GC - Statistics and tools for cachers and caches all around the world.

Project-GC Profile Stats - Dynamically updating stats for your Geocaching Profile.

Project-GC Top UK Cachers - List of UK cachers that have found the most caches.

Project-GC Top Favourite UK Caches. - The Top favourite caches in the UK.

Project GC Top FTFs - UK cachers with the most FTFs.

UK Cacher Stats - A list of how many caches UK cachers have found. Where do you rank? Are you in the Top 100?

Geocaching Rank Stat Bar - A stat bar showing your UK and world ranking.

Church Micro Statistics - Statistics for the Church Micro Geocaches hidden around the United Kingdom. How many have you found and where are you in the leaderboard?

Little Quest Statistics - Statistics for the Little Quest (LQ) caches hidden around the United Kingdom.

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Geocaching Map Enhancements - A userscript for Chrome and Firefox browsers to allow maps to display OS maps.

Open Street Maps for Garmins - Open Street maps downloads for your Garmin.

TalkyToaster Maps for Garmins - TalkyToaster maps downloads for your Garmin.

mapRoute - View geocaches or tracks on an OS maps.

GPS Visualizer - View and print geocaches or tracks on a Google map, Open Street maps, Topo maps and more.

Cach' eye - Upload your PQs and measure distances, compile to do lists and plot caches on OS maps.

BikeHike - View and print geocaches or tracks on an OS or Google map and download to your GPS.

Where's The Path? - Show OS Map and Google Satellite together.

GeoGo - Show Google Maps and Street View together.

GPS Coordinate Converter - GPS coordinate converter and view them on maps.

Nearby Coordinate Converter - GPS coordinate converter that accepts OS grid map references and view them on maps.

Megalithic Coordinate Converter - GPS coordinate converter for the British National Grid system and view on Google maps.

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Software and Smartphone Apps


GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) - Very powerful database software to manage geocaches, PQs, GPS exports, and more!

I'd Rather be Caching - Allows you to view geocache information on mobile devices.


Groundspeak Geocaching App - The Official Groundspeak Geocaching App (Free).

c:geo - An Open source Geocaching app for the Android which links to (Free).

Locus Map Free - An app that links to and can be used online and offline (Free).

GDAK (Geocaching Droid Army Knife) - Store your GSAK databases on your Android device. (Free).

WhereYouGo - The Wherigo app for Android (Free).

Munzee - The Offical app for discovering Munzees (Free).


Groundspeak Geocaching App - The Official Groundspeak Geocaching App (Free).

Cachly - A geocaching app with access to (Paid).

Wherigo - The Wherigo app for iPhone.

Munzee - The Munzee app for iPhone.

Windows Phone

maaloo Outdoor 8 - A geocaching app with access to (Paid).

Geocaching Pro - A geocaching app with access to (Paid).

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Geocaching Groups (Not region-specific)

Geocaching Scouts - A website/forum set up for Scout groups who are into geocaching.

Clever Caches - A Facebook group to post clever caches.

Extreme Geocaching - Focusing on extreme caches in the UK.

GeoDogs - Geocaching with dogs - For those geocachers who geocache with their dogs.

Geocaching Puzzle Help - A FB group for cachers around the world to ask for puzzle help.

Geocaching UK - A Facebook group for geocaching in the UK.

How to use GSAK Geocachers Swiss Army Knife - A group for help with using the GSAK Geocaching Software.

It's Not About the Numbers - Linked to the 'It's not about the numbers' blog.

UK and Ireland GC Reviewers' Teabar - A group to allow Groundspeak UK & Ireland Volunteer Reviewers interact with the community.

UK Geocaching Camping Events - Geocaching Camping Events.

Geocaching Tutorials

GAGB What is Geocaching Guide - GAGB geocaching guide for beginners.

Learn - Geocaching 101 -'s section for beginners, which includes some videos.

A Beginner's Guide to Geocaching - A Beginner's Step by Step Guide to Geocaching with screenshots.

UK Geocaching Information Site - A useful website that answers all your geocaching questions.

UK Geocaching Wiki - The official UK Geocacing wiki pages.

How to create a Pocket Query - A video by Groundspeak on how to create Pocket Queries.

Follow the Arrow - An extremely helpful website that was created by Graculus (GC Reviewer) now hosted by the GAGB.

Geocaching Toolbox - A helpful website that has everything a geocacher may need, many geocaching tools in one box!

GSAK 8 Beginner's Guide - A 70 page user guide created by *geocass* on how to get started with the GSAK software.

Smarter Hobby a beginners guide to geocaching - A beginners guide to Geocaching.

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Geocaching Blogs

Geocass UK Geocaching Blog - former GAGB Committee member, Cass' blog covering her caching adventures, tutorials, and reviews and tech tips.

The Geocaching Blog - The Official blog including Geocache of the week, and Geocacher of the month features.

It's Not About the Numbers - A geocaching blog with stories from all around the world.

Washknight Đ Geocaching Blind - A great blog that is regularly updated. You may even wish to check out His Extensive List of Geocaching Blogs, in case we've forgotten to add a good one!

The Geocaching Junkie - a blog which always make for an interesting and enjoyable read.

Planes, Trains and Hire Cars - Delta68's blog includes some great trip reports and mumblings about other travels and adventures.

Griff Grof's Geocaching Adventures - A blog reviewing caching trails, and occasionally posting resources and opinion.

drsolly - A blog by one of the UK's most prolific geocache finders.

Geocaching Podcasts

The Podcache Show - With Pete and Tracey (The Amasons).

Podcacher - A weekly podcast recorded in the US, but covering Geocaching internationally.

The Geocaching Podcast - A weekly podcast recorded in the US, but covering Geocaching news and discussions relevant to all cachers from all countries.

Oh Beep! Podcast - The Oh Beep! Geocaching Podcast is a family friendly show covering news, events and discussing geocaching related topics.

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Bookmark Lists

Old Active Caches in the UK and Ireland - A bookmark list by walk tall showing all the old active caches UK and Ireland between 1 May 2000 to 31 Dec 2001.

Underground Geocaches - A bookmark list by *geocass* showing caches placed underground or near underground locations.

UK and Ireland Challenge Caches - A bookmark list by *geocass* of challenge caches in the UK.

Caches for Kids - A bookmark list by Skippy and Pingu of caches for kids in the UK.

Church Micro Bookmark Lists - Links to all of the Church Micro bookmark lists (Scroll to the bottom).

Little Quest - All caches in the Little Quest series.

The British Countryside

Naturenet - Information on public rights of way in England and Wales, including definitions, path widths, legal information and a host of other useful details.

English Nature SSSI's - Information about Sites of Special Scientific Interest. You can choose to “Search for SSSI details” and see maps of individual sites.

Ordnance Survey Maps - The website for the definitive UK map makers.

Geocache Trails - A handy site that lists caching trails.

CAMARM - A single-issue campaign to stop illegal motorbike riding on bridleways, footpaths and open land in the United Kingdom.

Ramblers' Path Watch - Report path problems through Pathwatch and the Ramblers' will alert the local highway authority.

Report Fly Tipping - Find your local authority and report any Fly Tipping.

Misc Useful Sites

Project GC Find bad logs - Find those caches that you have accidentally logged more than once.

Project GC Forgotten FTFs - Lists caches that you have found on the first day that someone else found it on, and that are not listed as FTF on Project-GC which you may have forgotten to mark as FTF.

Project GC TB Rescue - Lists trackables on a map with a mission to help owners of trackables get their trackables moved when they seem to be stuck in a geocache.

Handicaching - A utility for generating guidelines to add to geocache pages for the benefit of disabled cachers.

Emergency SMS Service - Register your mobile phone so you can send an SMS text message to the UK 999 in poor mobile signal areas.

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Geocaching Supplies - GAGB Discounts

Online geocaching shops who offer GAGB Members a discount (details in the forums and Seeker magazine).


Pulse 72 Geocaching

NE Geocaching Supplies


Base of Tree

Geocache Land

Cotswold Outdoor

Cicerone Press

Geocaching Supplies

The Geocaching Shop


Geocoin Land - Czech-based unique Geocoin suppliers who post to the UK.

All Cached Up


Geocaching Goodies

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