GAGB 2019/20 Committee Elections Results

Posted by: Griff Grof on 25th Nov 2019

Election Results for 2019/20 GAGB Committee: 

Griff Grof (Arthur Griffiths) 63.28% 162
richt2000 (Richard Tucker) 61.72% 158
Border Caz (Caroline Turver) 61.33%/157
jennthefunkyranger (Jenn Hill) 51.17% 131
Moira Crackers (Mel Read) 44.53% 114
Maattmoo (Matt Faulkner Collins) 43.36% 111
happygirlie (Debs Griffiths) 42.19% 108
Geocaching Womble (Dominic Murray) 42.19% 108

Saza36 (Chris Carpenter) 40.63% 104
Grahamthegray (Graham Haddock) 39.06% 100
amberr.merry (Amber Merry) 34.38% 88
rooting reuben (Danni) 25.39% 65

Total respondents: 256 

The top eight vote recipients will serve on the 2019/20 GAGB Committee. 

The results announcement post can be viewed here.

Congratulations to the winners and commiserations to those who missed out this time. Many thanks to all who stood to serve on the Committee, and to all our members who took part in the elections by nominating and/or voting.


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