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GAGB Photo Competition

We are excited to announce the GAGB Photo Competition - ‘Cache with a View’ - accepting entries until March 31st 2018.

Posted by: Griff Grof on 3rd Dec 2017

GAGB SWAG Weekend 2017

Our SWAG Weekend is this Bank Holiday weekend - August 25-28. It’s all about removing the tat and ‘giving ahead’ – putting in some good stuff, stuff we would like to find.  

Posted by: Griff Grof on 8th Aug 2017

GAGB at Gilwell Reunion

GAGB committee members Kim (Leonards193) and Abi (Abiherts) manned a GAGB stall at the Gilwell Reunion for thousands of Scout leaders this weekend.

Posted by: Griff Grof on 4th Sep 2016

BBC Geocaching Story

Watch Sarah scary incident on the BBC. Sarah is the brave geocacher that was critically trampled by cows back in November 2013. Sarah's story is on the show Close Calls on Camera on Wednesday 23rd June 2016

Posted by: sharant on 23rd Jun 2016

Guardian Outdoors Article

An interesting article in the Guardian today on "Wild things: how ditching the classroom boosts children's mental health".

Posted by: sharant on 2nd Jun 2016

Kent - Teach Article

An interesting article in Kent - Teach on 7 Positive Things To Do Over Easter Holiday.
We wondered why we received a lot of teachers asking how to start geocaching in the last few weeks...

Posted by: sharant on 18th Apr 2016

The Gadget Show

Who saw the short geocaching bit on the gadget show visiting the Old Times cache in Gloucester (GC4H7P9)?
Did you see the fleeting glimpse of the GAGB coin?

Posted by: sharant on 19th Mar 2016

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