Why should you become a GAGB member?

Whilst the GAGB provides support to everyone who seeks it, we offer several benefits to our members. We have a large membership and happily welcome and encourage you to join the GAGB for free.

These are the main benefits:

Our discounts for members

Member discounts on geocaching supplies, books and outdoor equipment: almost all of the online geocaching suppliers based in the UK offer discounts to GAGB members, as do some outdoors retailers.

Seeker magazine

Seeker magazine: our popular e-magazine is available to all our members several weeks before we publish it on our website. New issues are easy to miss without the notifications provided to our members.


Nominate, stand and vote in annual GAGB elections: know someone who would make a good GAGB committee member? Think you'd be great? Want to vote for cachers to represent you on the committee? Then become a member!


Access the member forum: view and post on a board on our forum that's exclusive to GAGB members.


Support the GAGB: GAGB is a member-led organisation. Become active, join in, help the GAGB to do what you want it to do! Our members are crucial to the existence and success of the GAGB's work (find out more about what we do here) - we greatly appreciate your support.

Convinced? We hope so!
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