Meet the Committee

Sharon Reid - Sharant (Chair)

Sharon is a member of the following sub-committee(s): Engaging Members, Major Companies & Landowners, Promotional Materials, Social Media

Sharon Reid

I'm Sharon and I live in the lovely rural countryside of Staffordshire, West Midlands. I have been caching since January 2009 along with husband and my family of two.

I really enjoy walking and through geocaching have discovered that I have an undiscovered sense of adventure by canoeing, caving and tree climbing. Geocaching has combined my love of travelling and meeting new friends and has taken me to some wonderful locations which I wouldn't have discovered without geocaching.

Graham Haddock - Grahamthegrey (Secretary & Webmaster)

Graham is a member of the following sub-committee(s): Promotional Materials, Social Media

Graham Haddock

My name is Graham Haddock, and I've been caching since 2010 as GrahamTheGray, based in South Staffordshire, I used to just do the same few walks weekend after weekend until I found geocaching and now I go walking all around Staffordshire and Shropshire mainly but I have travelled further afield around the UK.

I'm a Web UX Designer and Analyst so a chance to get away from the desk, I used to take a digital camera with me, though the camera on my phone is normally device I use to post my pictures on social media, and occasionally on my Geocaching blog. I do enjoy a puzzle cache keeps my brain active during the winter months when it's dark.

Caz Turver - Border Caz (Treasurer)

Caz is a member of the following sub-committee(s): Promotional Materials

Caz Turver

My name is Caroline - but most people call me Caz as my caching name is Border Caz. I'm a widow with 2 adult children (who aren't really in to caching) and my geohound, Reg. I have been caching since July 2009, and joined GAGB in November 2009.

I live in Shropshire and, back in September 2011, was one of the founding members of the committee formed to organise the annual UK Mega in the West Midlands Region in August 2013. I took on the role of Treasurer for the duration and will be using the experience gained then, and in my working life, as Treasurer of GAGB.

Dominic Murray - geocaching womble (Publicity & GLAD Manager)

Dominic is a member of the following sub-committee(s): Engaging Members, Major Companies & Landowners, Social Media

Dominic Murray

Hi I'm Geocaching Womble, Dominic Murray, I'm an Autistic Adult. I've been caching since 2008. I joined the GAGB committee in 2017, I was an OC UK reviewer for 6 years and OC UK GAGB representative for 6 years. I have a lot of guidelines and code of conduct experience so I'm well equipped to review them. I've cached in Northumberland, West Midlands, Tyne and Wear, Surrey and Sussex and Yorkshire.

I'm the Geocaching Land Agreements Database Manager. During my time as GLAD manager, I successfully renewed the geocaching agreements for Forestry Commission Scotland, Forestry Commission The New Forest and Dorset and Forestry Commission South East England. During my time on the committee I've helped revise and update the GAGB constitution to allow provisions for GAGB friends. I have additionally taken the GAGB friends initiative from a struggling concept to a complete working model and successfully launched the initiative on Mega Day at the Yorkshire Mega. I have also updated the GAGB guidelines periodically as required.

Arthur Griffiths - Griff Grof (Webmaster & Social Media)

Arthur is a member of the following sub-committee(s): Engaging Members, Social Media

Arthur Griffiths

I live in the Cotswolds and I've been caching since March 2010. I love going on long walks to find caches, discovering stunning spots I would otherwise have never visited - it is this drive for further discovery and more adventure which pushes me to continue caching. I keep a blog which I update as often as possible, especially after notably great trips. I also administrate the CacheWalker forum, moderate the Cotswold Caching site and help run #UKGeocachingHour on Twitter. I have found that caching is great way to combine several other of my hobbies, such as cycling. Other than English, I can also speak fluent Spanish.

Richard Tucker - Richt2000 (GLAD Manager)

Richard is a member of the following sub-committee(s): Engaging Members, Major Companies & Landowners, Promotional Materials

Richard Tucker

As a seasoned cacher since 2011, I am well experienced in the ups and downs of this hobby we all enjoy. I appreciate the rules of the hobby and would certainly look to further the GAGB's work in enforcing good practice within the UK Geocaching community. In the past, I have run Geocaching training for Scouts in Nottingham and Cubs in Cheshire. Both were well received. I enjoy organising events and have run events both in the UK and abroad. I see these as a great conduit to helping the GAGB engage better with the community. For many, I feel that the only time they see the GAGB is at the UK Mega as they have a stall there.

My real life job as an IT consultant mostly gets in the way of Geocaching but it does mean that I am very familiar with all aspects of IT and Social Media. On the plus side, the work is where ever the next large, complex project is so, whilst during the day, I am managing multi-million pound IT projects, by night, I am caching in another part of the country, making friends at Geocaching events and building relationships there. I am well travelled and I struggle to think of an area I've not attended an event so will (hopefully) be a familiar face to many in the UK. As a long standing member of the Geocaching community, I have long been a member of Geocaching Midlands Facebook group. I have taken a leading role in that growing community and it fosters good practice and a friendly, convivial atmosphere. As admin, I took on additional responsibilities and I will bring this experience to the GAGB.

Mel Read - Moira Crackers (GAGB Retail Manager)

Mel is a member of the following sub-committee(s): Engaging Members, Promotional Materials

Mel Read

My name is Melanie but most call me Mel, I'm half of Moira Crackers and live in a wonderful village on Leicestershire/Derbyshire border.

We started caching in 2014 as a way of going somewhere different. We had a puppy Cracker, hence our caching name, the crazy border collie who just doesn't stop. Through caching we have found some lovely walks and loops that we would never otherwise have found. We work 4 on 4 off shift pattern so tend to go off for a few days and find somewhere nice to cache.

I have cached in most counties the most being the Midlands, Leicestershire and Derbyshire closely followed by Cornwall as we have family that live down on the South West coast so visit the area often.

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