Help Resources

The GAGB are here to help. Check out these useful help resources:

Finding Your First Geocache

Finding a Geocache

Getting Started - details on geocache types, geocache sizes and tips on finding your first geocache.

What is Geocaching Leaflet - To get started with Geocaching, you may also wish to download our helpful What is Geocaching? leaflet.

What do I need? - A list of what you need for your first find.

Smartphone Geocaching Apps - A list of geocaching apps for your smartphone.

Finding Your First Geocache - A step by step guide to finding your first geocache.

Frequently Asked Questions - an extensive list of geocaching FAQs.

More Useful Help Pages

Geocachers' Code of Conduct - find out about the Geocachers' Code developed by geocachers.

Geocaching Acronyms - find out what all the geocaching acronyms mean.

Frequently Asked Questions - Find out the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Useful Articles - a collection of relevant help articles from our Seeker Magazine.

Useful Links - a collection of relevant webpage links all about geocaching.

Hiding a Geocache

Hiding a Geocache

Hide a Geocache - advice with regards to hiding your first geocache.

GAGB Geocache Hiding Guidelines - some general advice on placing geocaches.

GAGB Land Agreements Database - the database holds a list of blanket agreements with landowners regarding geocaching activities on their land.

Getting Permission to Place a Geocache - some help on getting permission and a sample letter to send to landowners.

Expert Geocachers

GSAK Masterclass* - learn how to use this popular piece of software.

Follow the Arrow - we are pleased to host this website, filled with useful geocaching resources.

In addition to these resources, please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like any more help/advice.

* The GAGB wish to clarify, in the light of clause C8 of our Constitution, that the Association is under no commercial influence from GSAK (which is a commercial product), neither are we promoting it over any other alternative. We are simply aware that many cachers use the program and would benefit from a detailed GSAK guide on our website.