GAGB Friends

To become a GAGB Friend, please contact OR simply join the Facebook group. It's that easy!

Are you a friendly sort of person? Like to help others out, or get stuff done to make life easier for everyone? In geocaching, maybe you are first with hints & tips, advice, and support? Or you spot something slightly wrong and like to help to get it right - a website that you can help with, or a place that doesn't have geocaches and you can help get permission? Maybe you are technical, and prefer fiddling with GSAK and HTML, or maybe you are more of a people-person, and like to get involved in events?

If this sounds like you, then the GAGB Friends group is aiming to be full of people just like you - folk who want to help make geocaching better, but who don't want to be a full-blown Groundspeak Reviewer, GAGB Executive Member, or Facebook group admin. See if any, some, or all of these sound like you, or contact us with your own idea of what you would love to do as a GAGB Friend.

Local Point of Contact: you could act as a local point of contact for cachers, not only attending events on behalf of the GAGB but also liaising with cachers at other times and providing feedback to the Committee when needed. ‘Eyes and Ears’…

Eventer: If your ‘thing’ is meeting people and making them welcome, why not organise some GAGB Roving Events, or help out at our larger events or stands at the Megas. New cachers in particular love to talk and find out more - can you help?

Specialist Techy: If you have a special skill set maybe offer to help either GAGB or other geocachers with their websites, databases, HTML code, using apps, launching or running trackable races, or anything like that. It's a rare skill that you have - let's use it to have some fun.

Designer: Do you have a creative skill? Can you draw? Get involved in geocoin or travelbug design? Come up with interesting geocaches? Create artwork for the magazine? Do you know how to use Publisher and lay out pages? Can you write articles or interview notable geocachers for us?

Talker to Strangers: GAGB often help non-geocachers, such as organisations that want to do some geocaching, or people who need to be convinced to host geocaches. This could be councils to reassure them about what we do and explain CITOs, or wildlife trusts, charities. If you are an organised sort of person, and have a good record of being trusted and convincing, being involved in GAGB Friends might well help you to achieve more - armed with business cards and leaflets, and backed by us, just think of the places we could get geocaches placed.

GAGB Friends Guidelines

  • All Friends are most welcome to host Roving Events but do let the committee know so we can promote the event - and we'll try to have a committee member attend if at all possible. Try to publish these events 12 weeks in advance - we want them to have ‘status’.
  • Stay up-to-date on what GAGB is doing generally - so that you can field any questions. We've got a Facebook group and a forum to help with that.
  • Why not attend other events ‘on behalf of’ the GAGB? Take a few leaflets and business cards in case people are interested to learn more about the GAGB.
  • There is a GAGB Friends Facebook group that you can join (not a requirement as we recognise that some people don't use Facebook!) in order to share ideas or get help quickly.
  • There is a secret forum board which all GAGB Friends have access to. Information will be posted here when necessary.
  • GAGB Friends can assist in the setting up of local caching agreements and become local contacts for landowners.
  • Friends will be actively encouraged to assist in negotiating new caching agreements in the local area (you can reach out to our GLAD Manager to help with this)
  • You are always welcome to suggest new ways of GAGB being useful, and we are always open to you trying out innovative things, as long as we can all talk it through first. All reasonable ideas and solid plans will considered by the committee.