Image of cache labels

GAGB Geocache Labels

Geocaches are often found accidentally by members of the public who don't know about Geocaching. It's not unusual for Geocaches to float down rivers after periods of heavy rain and be found by a member of the public. guidelines state “To avoid confusion and alarm when a geocache is discovered accidentally, clearly label it as a "geocache" and include the GC code on the outside of the container.”

Image of cache labels

Ordering Information

To ensure that there is a contact in case your geocache does go missing and that the geocache can be correctly identified, GAGB geocache labels can be purchased from us and stuck to the top of your geocaches. A selection of different sizes are available. All our labels have our GAGB contact phone number so if a member of the public finds your geocache they can phone us and we can then identify the geocache owner and contact them.

Please visit our GAGB online shop for more information and to place an order.

Instructions for Finders

Don't forget to also inclued a note with instructions for finders in your geocaches, this explains geocaching in case someone accidentally finds your geocache.

Download a small instruction sheet for finders here and a medium instruction sheet for finders here.

Instructions Sheet Sml Instructions Sheet Med