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National Trust (Surrey)

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Andrew Wright Countryside Manager, Surrey Hills East. All contact should go through parmstro.


parmstro (Links to parmstro's profile on

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This agreement covers all NT land in Surrey between the Kent border and Hindhead.

Application process

The official liaison with NT Surrey is parmstro.

Send a list of all the coordinates you plan on NT property (coords of actual caches, not intermediate waypoints or dummies or anything else) to parmstro. Please provide details of size and placement so that the NT can see that there is no interference with wildlife / trampling of undergrowth.

If possible please add links to Google Maps and MAGIC showing your locations. If you don't know how to do this, parmstro will help. He will then work out who at the NT is responsible and get permission from them.

He will send the permission email back to you, which you cut and paste into the reviewer section of the cache listing so that they can see that the NT is happy when you submit the cache. You also need to include the following wording on your cache page: "GEOCACHING ON NATIONAL TRUST PROPERTY IS AT YOUR OWN RISK" and a plug for the NT is always welcome.

If the cache is on someone's farmland, then you will also need to get permission from the farmer.

Update to permission 21st January 2014:
Caches must not be placed in trees or on cliffs where it would necessitate climbing or abseiling to retrieve them.

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