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Norwich City Council

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Matt Davies
Green Spaces Officer
Residents Services Team
St Giles House
St Giles
01603 212343


Geocacher Contact: David Stansfield.

Originally negotiated by Jango & Boba Fett
Updated by Ant on Sept 11, 2018

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Norwich City Council are prepared to allow the placement of GeoCaches in "natural" areas (as opposed to formal parks) for a trial period so that they can assess the impact of GeoCaching in encouraging access to these areas, but also whether it will affect their work load. There are a number of "Friends of ..." groups for many of the natural green spaces around the city and it is suggested that we should first approach the "Friends of ..." group to gain their support for our proposed GeoCache before submitting a request to the Green Spaces Team.

The criteria that NCC will apply are:

* there is no existing GeoCache in the Green Space
* it will have a neutral environmental impact on the Green Space
* placement has the support of any existing Friends group
* it will encourage access to the Green Space
* it will enhance the visitors experience of the Green Space

A link to a map of the Parks and "natural" Green Spaces is at: Norwich maps

There are a number of existing caches on some of these locations, NCC is aware of these and would like owners to apply for formal permission.

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