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Who We Are

Map of the UKThe Geocaching Association of Great Britain (GAGB). The Association was established in 2003 to provide a national geocaching organisation and serve as a UK point of contact for geocachers, landowners, the media and others with an interest in geocaching.

What We Do

Maintain a database containing details of landowner consents and/or restrictions on the placement of caches, in respect of many parts of the UK; provide a GAGB members' forum; maintain codes of conduct and geocaching guidance; liaise with landowners as necessary; offer support to geocachers generally and provide a national organisation for enquiries about geocaching from the public, the media and others.

The GAGB also produces a bi-monthly full-colour e-magazine, 'Seeker', containing UK caching news, reviews and articles.

Seeker Issue 21

In this issue: Richlay tells us why he loves Jasmer challenges, Countrymatters explains how geocaching improves the books that he writes, Hereford Ann gives a beginners view of geocaching, a report on the Southport CITO event, Mapleleaf tells us about caching without GSAK, caching on the Isle of Man, Garmin’s Backpack tether product review, Sharant and Richlay report on the Kent Mega, *geocass* continues her GSAK masterclass, and much more...

Read the PDF Version or the Digital Book Version.


A geocache container The GAGB website hosts a database of landowner agreements for geocache placements in the UK.

If you have found a geocache on your land when permission has not been agreed, then please visit our Landowner Contact Page so that we can assist you.

For more information on what a geocache is, please see our What is Geocaching? page.

Also, if you are a landowner who wishes to receive advice on encouraging visitors to your land through the medium of geocaching, then please contact us and we will endeavour to help.